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CLIENT TESTIMONIALS: “Hard to imagine a more perfect transcription service…”

“Best transcription service I have come across in more than 25 years of looking - fast, accurate & immaculately presented…”

SERVICES: Interview Transcription, Focus Group Transcription, Digital Audio Transcription, University Research Transcription, Confidential Transcription (Security-Cleared by Disclosure Scotland and UK Enhanced Level Screening),
Conference Transcription, Market Research Transcription, Audio Transcription, Tape Transcription, MP3 Transcription,

WMA Transcription, iPhone Audio Transcription, WAV Transcription, Seminar Transcription

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I’m Alison McPherson, and I founded Premier Typing in 2001, and still run the company today, both undertaking a lot of the transcription personally and also project managing the work of my team.

If your work is highly confidential, you might be interested to note that I am security cleared by Disclosure Scotland and also have UK Enhanced Level Screening.

One of my personal highlights has been my work transcribing Tony Benn’s personal Diaries (which are then edited substantially before publishing).

In addition, I work with Harrison Careers, where I run the coaching team, setting up coaching to help clients land great jobs within investment banking, consulting, law, etc.

Peter Harrison, Harrison Careers Services/Peter Harrison Careers LLC

"My name is Peter Harrison, and I have worked with Alison for around 10 years now.  I was a Chartered Accountant at one of the Big Four accounting firms for 5 years, and more recently, an Executive Director of Goldman Sachs London, where I worked in their convertible bond team.  Alison has played a huge part in the business that I have built since leaving Goldman Sachs.  She is incredibly reliable and never, ever forgets anything.  She does exactly what she says she will do.  She has amazing attention to detail.  If you are looking for someone who you can just give a project to and know that it will get done correctly first time without any errors, and done in a cost efficient way, then Alison is the perfect person.  Yes, I am biased, but I have had 10 years plus of amazing work from Alison to reach my conclusion.  If you want to know any more, do not hesitate to email me at"

Tony Benn, Former MP

"Premier Typing is quick, accurate and absolutely reliable."

Excerpt from “More Time for Politics – Diaries 2001-2007”: “I am also most indebted to…Alison McPherson whose transcription of my diary tapes is, as ever, impeccable.”

Excerpt from “A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine – The Last Diaries 2007-2013 (Editor’s Note): “As ever the book could not have been completed without the work of Alison McPherson, who has transcribed millions of words with great empathy…”