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CLIENT TESTIMONIALS: “Hard to imagine a more perfect transcription service…”

“Best transcription service I have come across in more than 25 years of looking - fast, accurate & immaculately presented…”

SERVICES: Interview Transcription, Focus Group Transcription, Digital Audio Transcription, University Research Transcription, Confidential Transcription (Security-Cleared by Disclosure Scotland and UK Enhanced Level Screening),
Conference Transcription, Market Research Transcription, Audio Transcription, Tape Transcription, MP3 Transcription,

WMA Transcription, iPhone Audio Transcription, WAV Transcription, Seminar Transcription

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If you prefer to call, please do so on 01869 242033.  There is an answering machine to take your message.  Please always include your email address in your voicemail so we can send you some initial information via email.   If you wish, we can then chat by phone once you have some more details from us.